The Company usually makes the mechanical erection of all the manufactured plants with its own skilled personnel or with a long time known third party personnel, The plant supply is inclusive of all materials needed for the erection, like, bolts, joints, hanger, support and any kind of electrical cables. The Company, ALWAYS, realize the whole electrical connections of the plants, with is own electrical personnel, making the grounding, the power, the control and the instrumental connections.
Erections have been performed, in accord to several Norms like CEI, DIN, APAVE, SA, GOST, ATEX and for every kind of classified area subjected to explosion and fire danger, in Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, China, France, Spain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Pakistan and Germany. 

All blank tests are performed before the Commissioning, are inclusive of the hydraulic test of each component and of the whole piping, to verify the correspondence of the plant to what foreseen in the plant design. 

The final test of the plants, to check its correspondence to what agreed by the Contract, is always performed by the final Customer, in cross examination with the Company personnel, for his highest tutelage. 

The massive documentation given for the plant erection, enforce the erecting personnel to follow strictly the erection procedure, without any misunderstanding because the final result of any operation must satisfy several different point of the erecting procedure, before proceeding. This system allows, ALWAYS, the final Customer to erect the plant with his own personnel, supervised only by a foremen with a minimal experience, with very good results

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