Beside this Engineering activity OMNIATEX is the only one Company in Europe, in its field, which owns a well equipped workshop with high technology machinery that allows the manufacturing of all kind of components for the chemical industry. The shop is bearing 16 welding procedure approved by the Italian Pressure Code Authority, has a X-rays laboratory and automatic submerged welding systems for rolled sheets and automatic orbiting welding for the piping. 


The shop is equipped with any kind of lathes, drills, bending rolls, tubes benders, plasma cutters, fit-up rolls for a medium-heavy vessels production. 

Items have been manufactured to comply with German TUV, French BUREAU DES MINES, American ASME, Italian ISPESL, Swedish SA. Several welding procedures, for several materials, have been certified by the above mentioned Institutes and vessels have been manufactured, with the approval stamp, with working pressure up to 100 bar, for the American Company Monsanto. 

Omniatex srl