Bologna - Italy

OMNIATEX IMPIANTI CHIMICI SRL has been operating since 1974 mainly in the field of the recovering, from the air, of several hydrocarbons, for their reutilization in the production process.

This operative sector allows to couple an almost total elimination of polluting emissions to a relevant reduction of production's costs, permitted by the recycling of solvents used in the manufacturing, which, otherwise, would be exhausted in the air.

Even if you don't know OMNIATEX SRL, surely in your daily life you got in touch with an object for which OMNIATEX has operated, reducing its cost and eliminating the air pollution made during its production, with a plant that has permitted the recycling of the solvent employed in the process:

The result of these 30 years of activity are more than 2000 plants operating in 4 continents, with a single value going from about ten millions to about ten billions of liras, and with a re-use of solvent ranging from 1000 to 300.000 kg per month, for each plant..
The OMNIATEX's contribution for the saving of the planet Earth and better life conditions of the future generations is given by about ten millions of tons of recovered and recycled solvent, per year, representing an identical amount of polluting emissions not sent into the planet atmosphere..